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In good company

We work with the very best in media.

During our first decade we have worked for many of the leaders in our industry, including 13 of the UK's top 20 media owners and 7 of the top 20 in Europe.

Our clients are typically major media owners and investors in media. We currently count market leaders in 4 sectors among current clients. We work with major multi-media groups as well as owners in all segments (broadcast, consumer publishing, online, B2B).

We support investors at all deal levels and have strong relationships with the Private Equity players active in the sector. There are few major media sales processes we have not been part of in the last 5 years. Overall deal value of Ocean supported acquisitions has exceeded £8BN.

We would love to list our clients, of whom we are very proud. However we are also highly discreet. Rest assured as a consultant you will be working with the very best in media, and as a client, you will be in good company.