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Common briefs and areas of expertise

If the CEO of a media company has a strategic problem around 'growth', it's for Ocean.  Growth strategy briefs can be grouped into three broad areas:

Growing from the core of the business - organic growth strategies

"Undertake a strategic review of our international multi-media portfolio and develop a clear organic growth strategy for our business."

"Which media segments should we actively pursue as investors."

"Find the next blockbuster products for us."

"How do we maximise growth in non-traditional revenue segments and reduce advertising and subscription dependency."

"We have a customer database and powerful brand, what are the best monetisation strategies."

"Which adjacencies are most attractive."

"What are the threats or opportunities in digital disruption in my sectors."

"How do we develop an e-commerce strategy."

"Which classified verticals are most likely to migrate online."

"We shifted to a paid online model a decade ago, now we're seeking to fully monetise our user relationships with workflow products - where are we most likely to succeed."

"Who should we partner in pay wall."

"What should our pay wall strategy be."

"How do we enhance our content to play in the paid content space"

"Is there an alternative to our sales approach"

"We believe we're under-pricing our online offer."

Expanding the footprint of the business - acquisitive/inorganic growth strategies

"Which adjacent markets should we enter/exit?"

"How do we leverage our assets effectively through an acquisition strategy?"

"Provide a strategic review of exit/sale options for the business"

Consolidating your position - strengthening market position

"Develop a turnaround strategy for my general TV challenger brand"

"How do we turn the legacy product into a solid foundation for digital growth?"

"Develop a framework to assess the sustainability of my markets and products"

"Can we alter our business model? Define the options and recommend a strategy."

"Define an optimal online ad pricing model - the current one is unprofitable"

"Develop a framework to assess the value of my content"